Checkout counter elevator by Bizzarri. It turns the most stressful moment of shopping, when you get to the checkout counter, into a calm moment for the customer! Bending to move products from the shopping basket to the checkout counter will no longer be an issue. It is perfect for customers with difficulty moving, elderly people and pregnant women… and anyone who enjoys being comfortable.

Cartup, the checkout counter elevator, proved to have the following benefits for stores:
1. Quicker queues at checkout counters. More customers served in less time!
2. A more positive image for the shop. Greater perception of customer care and customer turnout.
3. Greater discipline in the checkout area. Customers reward the service with greater calm and cooperation to ensure order.
Cartup is an electronic device with the following features:

> Ultra compact
> Automatic. It is activated by simply positioning the basket.
> “Plug and play” device. It does not need to be attached to the ground or require any special installation.
> Safe. CE certification.
> Entirely made in Europe.

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