Plastic wheeled baskets & Enviromet

Flexicart –  A Sustainable Project

One of our actual goals, while designing this shopping basket, was to decrease the volume of the trash output.
In fact, according to our survey, Flexicart is currently the most durable basket on international market.

But what happens the day when you need to replace it?Basically, all the plastic items can be recycled. The problem is that many products are built with different parts which are made from different materials. Before the recycling process theese products need to be disassembled. This operation reppresents an expense that might cancel the profit generated by the materials recovering.

The one-piece structure of Flexicart does not involve spare parts and screws, also, the wheels insertion is totally screws free – therefore it is easy and convenient to RECYCLE up to 95 % of its plastic structure.

… and give it a second life / no trash!